how to know if its the right horse

i never really believed in the perfect horse for me or match. i never really had one. I’ve had 5 different horses they all brought me joy, and improved me own many ways. it just took 5 HORSES to find the perfect match. pretty sure dazzle was my 6th and as my parents said final horse. i had to pick the right young horse. i had the chance to go to Germany, but i decided not to because my dream horse was at Woodlands equestrian club. Dazzle was 5 when i bought him, and i remember at first i wanted him to have bigger ears. today im so dazzled by him i love his baby ears.

the 5 steps to choose


  1. personality!! check this horse out visit him at least 3 days in a row. graze him and give him baths. see if you can’t teach im tricks. make sure he’s smart, and ha s a kind eye. Watch him in his stall. if the horse pins his ears or if he’s happy. dazzle always perks his ears he’s gentle around other horses. Therefore he’s gentle around me.


2. RIDING. is this horse gentle but forward. make sure he accepts the whip and leg. if he’s a super baby the whip may not be necessary. make sure he’s easy to go on the bit. its important he’s not lazy or feeling like a tank.


3. does he have flaws?? you ask me if dazzle has flaws and im like no. he’s everything you can ask for. okayyy… Maybe he doesn’t do a right half pass as nice as his left. but his left half pass is beyond words. I remember i couldn’t find any flaws. i only saw the future. i saw my dreams coming true. I saw us at grand prix. if you can look a 5 year old in the face and see him at Grand Prix don’t let him go.


4. safety. do you feel safe? is the horse maybe too spooky or too big? dazzle spooked everyday for the first 3 rides. He bolted and turn really fast. Today he trust me so much, and is a brave solider. We go in the golf cart together. make sure you feel safe.


5. the ending. if its right you’ll be in tears of happiness. im serious its so beautiful to see a buyer cry because they just got there dream horse. i remember the feeling of seeing dazzle in the pasture, and crying because he was mine. everyday he gives me that feeling.

By Skye Simpson Dressage Shares Insight on the Sport

Skye Simpson is an FEI Dressage & Natural Horsemanship Trainer located in Banning, California.

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