My Dressage story

This isn’t really a topic I would write about, because it’s personal. Although I think my story so far has been such a journey! This was fun to write and I hope you enjoy!!

Oh I was the little 7 year old with no friends and lots of love for horses. The 13 year old who missed 60 days of school out of 150 just to ride her horses and work at the barn all day. The 15 year old who moved on her own. That’s me!

I wanted to go to a horse camp!! No surprise in my mind horses are very therapeutic, and can be your best friend easily! I didn’t have many friends, and was Very hyper in the class room. I went to a small private school and every kid had adhd… most of them. It was a school made for those who learned different. I loved it there! I felt I was more understood with my adhd and dyslexia. So I went to horse camp that summer when I was 7.

Let’s say I’m never going back to that camp, because it was awful for little skye. The teacher told me I was too short to do any tricks on the horses. So I couldn’t. All the other kids got to do around the world etc. I’m also very grateful and loved 2 huge memories from that camp.

Memory 1. I remember hugging a chestnut horse while at the grooming area.. I hugged his for over 15 minutes… my teacher pulled me off… my boss today always tells me “stop playing with the horses!” They are sale horses and we don’t want to teach them to be our pets. Like my horse is my horse he’s my pet!! Well also my best friend my son and my dancing partner!

Memory 2. The last day of camp!!! Right after we showed our parents our horse riding. I ran to my mom and I hugged them, and said “mom dad I want a horse!! I want to be a horse trainer, and go to the olympics!!” I still smile at my passion so young..

I started riding at In the Irons equestrian center in San Antonio Texas. I learned dressage, and that was the most amazing place to start riding!!! It gave kids a chance to enjoy the horses. We rode bareback, and I always broke the rules doing tricks like cantering and jumping backwards. Riding with no helmet. Galloping at 11 pm!! When I turned 13 I got to skip school and stay all summer at the barn from 6am – 6pm. I rode all the lesson horses and new horses!! Lunged and tacked I rode like 5 or 6 horses a day!! My trainer gave me a little apartment to stay in as well! I was 13… I showed about 4 horses in 30 shows by the time I was 14. I would sleepover in my horses stall, and at the apartment on the weekends.

At 10 I bought sparky and showed 1st level he was a little Arabian trained to 3rd level, but I fell in love with fire at 13. If I sold sparky to my trainer then I could have fire.. a old 20 year old Arabian who had lots of medical issues for a year… why??! Because I LOVED that horse. I started training him I got him sound and we taught each other how to love.. I trained him to first level.. not really knowing how or doing it properly but we managed a 65% or something. then I bought faxx half Arabian half warmblood, and he went lame for a year. Then we won Arabian national champion. I bought klicky and sold faxx in California.

I went to another barn in San Antonio for a year got my bronze, and once I turned 15 I went to California!! I learned a lot, and learned how to be a working student. It was also incredibly hard. Being away from home and learning what it’s like to really work and have a job all on your own…

HOUSTON!!! Woodlands equestrian club!! the best place in the entire world!! I got my silver medal, and I had some horse complications for about a year, but it all worked perfectly!! This barn changed dressage for me. For the first time I tried a German warmblood. I competed my first sale horse. I showed horses to buyers. I trained and sold horses, and I bought my own young horse I trained him from first level to third level. He’s 6 and we competed in our first FEI junior CDI in March. I gained experience, and everyday I learn something new!

2 of my favorite people👇🏻

I highly recommend that program, because the training is just as good as the training in Europe! So that’s my story so far, but you never know it could change in a second. Till next time friends (;

By Skye Simpson Dressage Shares Insight on the Sport

Skye Simpson is an FEI Dressage & Natural Horsemanship Trainer located in Banning, California.

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